Vintage Tips on Washing Woolens and a local tip


The back page of the Norweigan Sweater tells us how to look after our woolens. My own personal experience has been shrinking things, then learning handwashing and wishing that they still manufactured mangles as a pure wool jumper gets pretty heavy after it’s been dunked. I have to make do with rolling woolens in a towel and then deal with shed loads of soping wet towels as I don’t own a tumble dryer.

Emu may recomend Dreft, but I recomend anyone in East London visit Elsie’s Droguerie and buy Fine Fabric Wash from Town Talk (made in Lancashire). Elsie is a new member of the WI I belong to (The Shoredicth Sisters Women’s Institute) and her shop sells all sorts of top of the range products that an old fashioned house maid would recognise. Even more marvelous than exactly the thing you need to remove that stain, she has a range of shoe polish in all the colours that exist AND shoe dyes. My light brown brogues are soon going to be green and my pastel pink bargain shoes I’d never otherwise wear are going to become blue.


How to wash woolens

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