The many times knitted cardigan part 2

So, I had the cardigan in fluffy cream (that is so very stroke able). Next I probably started something that was too difficult and gave up and started another Hedda.

Way back when my first ever try at knitting a jumper was abandoned after discovering the front and back were wildly different sizes and wonky (I didn’t know about blocking back then, but it was an acrylic yarn which I think doesn’t block as well). It was unloved and stored away and moved house twice finally to see the light of day again and be recreated.

My first ever jumper
To digress a little, the rug in the background has been nearly entirely eaten by moths, after being stored under my bed. Moths are wankers. Anyhoo…
Re-Knitting with unravelled yarn
You can just about see it in my profile picture. This one has proved washer proof and reminds me happily of this grungey classic cardi. 


  1. hi i love the cardi do could you please tell me the pattern you use? you did a great job it looks terrific.

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