The many times knitted cardigan part 3

So I made some clothes, started a rag rug and then it was time to knit another Hedda. This time my Mum had admired the Mark 2, so I offered to knit her one. Being very specific she sent me a picture of the colour she wanted and that she hated scratchy wool, in fact all real wool was out. I managed to find a match at Hobbycraft on a day trip to Essex (sounds weird to you maybe, but it only took about 30 minutes and there are lots of charity shops). It was finished a mere two weeks after Mother’s Day, making it more of an early birthday present. Though all knitters will be told the knitted gift is lovely, but whether it will really be worn is another matter entirely. She liked it enough to wear it on my birthday, but I was rushing off straight after to do crafts in a field in Clapham (another long story), so I forgot to get a picture.

While I was at Hobbycraft I fell in love with the colour of this acrylic from the sale pile – it reminds me of faded jeans. Being the fourth one, it took a total of four days. The buttons are a vintage find from Fabrications in Hackney.


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