The many times knitted cardigan part 4

This is the last part of my cardigan of many colours tale. Here is the Mark 6.

Yellow Hedda cardi

The wool is Rowan pure wool 4ply which I hadn’t intended to buy, as I hadn’t intended to go to Liberty that day, but suddenly there in front of me when I took a wrong turn. This is how most wool ends up being purchased. The shop will suddenly be there, as if my feet unconsciously knew my trying to be thrifty willpower would weaken.

One sleeve was knitted at the Vintage at Southbank Festival, while I was selling craft kits and bigging up the Fabrications shop, while Fabrications’s own Barley ran craft workshops. Here is fascinator making in action:

Lovely friends met me afterwards & we went for a wander round the outdoor Vintage market and I was lucky to find a card full of vintage buttons. The stall owner told me everything they had was deadstock (which means never sold, so not second hand) from a warehouse in Malta that had been abandoned. They have an eBay shop here and currently have 24 of the same buttons in pink and blue for a measly £6.50.

Yellow Hedda cardi


  1. Hi!

    How could anyone leave those buttons behind?! Crazy. They and your cardi are lovely!

    p.s I wonder if the knitting action sat by, and looped under/over/through a Theremin could make a nice sound? The wool ball can be hung over the part that isn't the other part where you are knitting and as it get's smaller or tangled, it makes a different sound. I would google it, but I'd probably end up back at your blog!! 🙂


  2. I would immediately rush to the theremin and see what kind of noises I can make with wool, but alas I have no amp at the moment. I have been thinging for a while that I probably need to knit or crochet a theremin, just to have it as my profile pic.

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