"This Attractive Affair" is finished

This is a 1930’s pattern from “A Stitch In Time” Vol. 2 by Susan Crawford and Jane Waller, made in Rowan cotton glace.
A couple of years ago I was luck enough to got to the book launch of Stitch In Time Vol 2, held at Prick Your Finger and had a lovely chat with Susan, who signed my book and gave me a brilliant tip for knitting a cardigan with a sailor collar which I’d seen in The House Of Eliot. she knew the one I meant and recommended Ava Rose patterns, who did indeed have a copy. I still haven’t made it though, as I’ve been too busy with the Stitch In Time Patterns. I would say that Susan Crawford and  Rachel and Louise  from Prick Your Finger as the three nicest ladies in the knitting world, and at the time of the book launch I was nursing a broken heart and their diverting tea, cake and chat helped enormously.

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