Free Vintage Crochet Pattern: This Attractive Affair from Stitchcraft August 1936

Stitchcraft August 1936 free vintage knitting pattern

This one may look familiar if you follow me on Instagram. I’ve knitted a similar jumper which was reprinted in A Stitch In Time Volume 2, but originally came from this magazine. This is the crochet version. It’s a 32 to 34 inch bust, designed for a 2 ply cotton. I made mine from Rowan Mercised Cotton, which is now discontinued. It wasn’t exactly the right yarn, as it came out quite a lot longer than intended. Since then the author of A Stitch In Time has released her own cotton yarn called Coquette. Incidentally I haven’t been paid for the plug, but I have met Susan Crawford once and she’s a very nice person.

Below left is Theodora modeling the book knitted version and on the right is my knitted version. The pattern via Ravelry for the knitted version which has been sized up for a varietyof sizes. Scroll down for the pattern for the crochet version.

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Stitchcraft May 1937 free vintage knitting pattern
Stitchcraft May 1936 free vintage knitting pattern

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  1. What a great pattern. The changing of the stripes gives it such visual appeal and the collar … well, marvelous. Although long, you still did a great job duplicating.

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