Free Vintage Hat Pattern: A 30s Beret and a Jaunty Cap

Woman and Home Knitting Leaflet beret knitting pattern

Ok, I promised to scan some of my own patterns and even made a nice pile and put it in an in-tray. Then I just did two and got really bored and didn’t post anything. It’s far, far more exciting to use the giant scanner at the British Library and actually in minutes per scan it’s quicker. Here are two quick knits, a Juliet Cap (do you think this name is from Romeo and Juliet?) and a Beret is garter stitch, which I think make it a good one for beginners.

Woman and Home Knitting Leaflet beret knitting pattern

Woman and Home Knitting Leaflet beret knitting pattern


  1. Great, but now I am intrigued to know more about The Indispensible Knitted Suit – love to see that one as well.

  2. I appreciate all of your entirely generous scanning, so please don’t apologise. I just happen to have a lot of cheap wool and a cold house so I have been looking for good dress/skirt/jacket patterns to try out . More modern patterns seem to ignore the problem of stretching and bagging, so I was thinking that vintage patterns tend to have a tension and stitch and construction techniques that counter bagging etc and are often a bit more tailored in effect which would be great. If I find one that looks knittable (for me) and it works well I may even wear it out, otherwise at least I won’t have cold knees at home!

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