Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: 30s Short Sleeved Sailor Collar

Good Needlework and Knitting

This post was from a request. A couple of months ago I asked if any readers had a specific pattern they’d like hunted down and this was one of them, and one which I’d really like to knit! It’s the sweater above on the right. I would have scanned both, but I was in the Rare Books room at the British Library and they scrutinise how much you copy from each source (and as no one else scans knitting patterns, they look at me sceptically when I correctly inform them that it comes under industrial design copyright, which makes it copyright free now). Next time I’ll order for a different room, where the scrutinty is lax (shhh, not saying where in case the staff get into trouble).

This sweater is 37 inches around the bust, but this young lady appears in many, many patterns and usually they are for a smaller bust size than this, which confuses me.

She appears so in so many patterns (I’ve seen her in Weldon’s patterns, as well as in Stich In Time Volumes 1 and 2), that I’m going to name her, so I can tag all the patterns – say hello to Jumper Jill.



Good Needlework Knitting pattern

00002417 (2)
page 14

Close up of the righthand column to make it clearer.

00002417 (3)

Good Needlework Knitting pattern


  1. Oh thank you so much for this Caroline – you’re the best!!! :mrgreen: Now what colour should I choose?

  2. They are both lovely jumpers. I especially like the buttons on the blue one. It’s so nice to see them in colour. I’m glad you’ve named this model, she is my absolute favourite. I wish I knew more about her.

      • Hi Caroline, the page 14 has come out a little small and hard to read. Is there any way to make it bigger? Many thanks again!

      • Hi Caroline,
        Thank you for posting this – i was all excited to get started but I cant read the pattern on the right side of page 14! I’ve tried zooming and altering the contrast and I still cant read parts of the pattern 🙁
        Is there anyway you could rescan it???

      • Hi Katherine, I’ve re-cropped the original picture scan (as it was over two pages), added it to the post in a bigger size and also put in a close up view. If this doesn’t make it clear enough, as the writing is still slopping off to one side, I’ll go and rescan it. Please let me know and thank you for drawing it to my attention.

  3. Oh no! It’s adorable!!!!!! I need this, too (adding to my two mile long to-knit-list)
    Thanks for sharing 😉

  4. Pity you can’t print these out , I’ve been looking for 1940 s jumper patterns to knit and sell on ebay as it’s a growing theme and demand is there.

  5. Hi, Jumper Jill appears in many magazines of this era – My Home, Woman and Home as well as Good Needlework. I have seen her modelling in magazines up to about 1938/39. Thank you for this ! I am looking for a sweet jumper pattern from My home magazine for March or May 1938. Its squrae necked, short sleeved, with little diamonds across the yoke!

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