Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: From 1934 Britannia and Eve, A Golfing Jacket

Britannia and Eve was a monthly ladies magazine (which combined two previous magazines). It’s big with a glossy front cover, a whopping 114 pages and covered fashions, fashionable homes, fiction stories and out of an entire year I looked at, only around 4 knitting patterns, though every issue had a few pages on their own name sewing patterns.

This pattern is from 1934. No sign of either a bust size or ply of yarn. But isn’t the front cover of the magazine gorgeous!

golfing jacket 30's Britania and Eve Knitting Pattern

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  1. No gauge either. They didn’t want to make things easy did they? I suppose being in rib it could be worn by a range of sizes although at 36″ unstretched, probably not the smaller sizes. A good basic jacket, thanks for sharing it!

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