Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Like Miss Lemon’s jumper in Poirot no. 2

Following on from yesterday’s Miss Lemon jumper, here is another. It has a slightly different neck embellishment, in a scarf style rather than a bow (I think I prefer the bow. but I imagine a mash up of the two patterns would be perfect.) I’m not impressed that a 34-36 bust is described as slightly over average, but then I imagine I’m less malnurished than I would have been if I was a shorter, svelte 1930s lady.

Miss Lemons scarf neck jumper Miss Lemons scarf neck jumper

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  1. Interesting design with the band on the front… not sure whether I like it or not! I think the ‘slightly over’ is referring to the 38-40 inch size. Thanks for sharing these patterns! I haven’t seen one like this before.

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