Ladies Tennis Top from 1930s – Patons & Baldwin 2738

Agnes Jumper P&B 2738_1.jpg

Year – 1930s

Size – 32 to 34 inch bust. Finished measurement is 36 inches but it is worn a little loose.

Yarn Size – Unknown

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It’s Jumper Jill again, my favourite model, although the top is called “Agnes”. Here she is doing a kind of look across the tennis net to someone she loves look. The pattern itself is in a terribly ripped and delicate state. I found it in my house in a pile of magazines, and have no idea where it originally came from..

The jumper is made in an unusual stitch and it’s quite an unusual shape too. It around a 36″ bust, but worn a little loose, so for 32-34″ or more depending on how you want it to fit. It’s made in Totem knitting wool. I’m not sure what ply that is, but Barbara Smith has posted here that it was a chunkier yarn, which was equivalent to an aran or chunky weight. Barbara works or volunteers with a British organisation The Knitting & Crochet Guild. They have put online a Patons and Baldwins advertising leaflet called Make It In Wool, with lots of photos of thirties knitting patterns. You can look at it here. There is also a pdf of different knitting pattern from the same series as this one, which you can see here (not actually patterns, just photos of the covers).

Agnes Jumper P&B 2738_2
Agnes Jumper P&B 2738_3
Agnes Jumper P&B 2738_4

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  1. Hello! What a darling pattern! Thank you so much! I also loved looking at the catalogue.

    I looked into it, and I believe this Patons “Totem” wool is an 8-ply, DK/light worsted. There are some good options for substitution, though! Patrons still makes a chunky “Fairytale Dreamtime”, and there’s also “Berlaine” by Bergère de France.

    My go-to site to look up vintage yarn substitutions is YarnSub, I’m sure most of you know it. It’s a wonderful resource! Here is a link to the “Totem” yarn. Happy vintage knitting!

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