Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Sideways Knit Short Sleeved Jumper That is Just Super!

Free Vintage Kntting Pattern SummeryOMG Isn’t this fabulous! and it’s knitted sideways with multi-coloured stripes. It’s also wearable in Spring and Summer as it has short sleeves (and here in the UK it’s going to be the hottest I’ve ever known it tomorrow at 33 degrees C, so obviously thick winter sweaters aren’t on my mind at the moment).  It is green, fawn, rust, yellow and brown and is for a 33-35 inch bust. I’ve spotted that a couple of the other Stitchcraft Leaflets I have scanned were originally featured in the monthly Stitchcraft Magazine, so here it is as the cover photo.

Here are the pdfs (which are clearer and zoomable compared to the pictures) Page 1   and   Page 2 and 3

Free Vintage Kntting Pattern Summery


  1. OMG. I love this!! I’ve seen it before, and have always wanted the pattern! This is my next knit, end of discussion 🙂 Now, what colors to choose…? Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I’ve knitted it too in completely different colours to the pattern. I posted it on Ravelry if you fancy a nosey? It layers rather well over a jersey roll neck.

  3. Caroline, I don’t know to post a link? But if you look for me – Claire Gittins – on Ravelry you’ll find my Starring stripes jumper.

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