Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Stitchcraft Leaflet 147 from the Thirties. Plus Any requests?

The blog is still in a 30’s groove, as I share the treasures from my last scanning trip to the British Library. Before I share, can I ask if any readers have any pattern requests? Seen a magazine or pattern on Etsy or Ebay and missed out, I can easily go and scan it if it was published in the UK. Even in Australia and New Zealand, a lot of companies like Weldon’s produced very similar magazines. Please leave a comment on this post.

From The British Museum, precursor of the British Library, date stamped 23rd March 1939.  I think this is a very wearable autumn style to get on our needles now, to be finished by September.  For a 33-35 inch bust, made from 3ply (see my recommendation for modern 3ply yarn). The unusual stitch gives it a smocking affect.

The pages can be found as PDFs from these links – Stitchcraft 147 (1)  and Stitchcraft 147 (2) *

Stitchcraft 147 free thirties knitting pattern

Stitchcraft 147 free thirties 30s knitting pattern* I apologise for the scanning resolution – the scans were made in the Newspaper room, rather than Rare books. That particular scanner saves as a pdf so to make these pictures I had to do a screen print. The PDFs are a much higher res.


  1. I am happy no matter what you decide to share (although I am partial to 40s jumpers)! So many great designs 😀 I am rather enjoying these 30s ones.
    My to-do-list is getting longer with almost every post!

    • I don’t think they have Bestway patterns, as I think I have already searched for them, but I’ll double check as things turn up oddly titled, like the Stitchcraft leaflets which weren’t obviously knitting patterns on the catalogue.

    • 😢 I tried finding this in the British Library collection but alas no luck yet. They seem to have anything sold in a newsagents but not those distributed through yarn shops.

  2. I prefer the 1930s patterns, but am quite partial to some of the 40s ones too! (Shame you can’t have a little ‘helper’ with you)!

  3. When scanning 40s magazines are trickier as paper shortages caused smaller pages and they way the Library stored them was in books, which are really hard to hold open without scanning your hands! That’s why I’m not scanning Stitchcraft issues, but I have some in my personal collection I need to share!

  4. I recently found your blog and I feel I’ve struck gold, with all of the gorgeous vintage patterns! I’m partial to the ’30s although I also like ’40s patterns. One pattern I would LOVE to get my hands on is the coat on the cover of Home Notes Oct 19, 1935 No. 2178. The magazine claims on the cover “You can make this coat in 12 hours!” Now, that’s my kind of project! I’ve got commitment phobia and have a hard time staying with a project through to the end, so 12 hours sounds good to me!

  5. I just stumbled on this blog and it’s really great. If you are still open to requests, can I please trouble you to look for the September 1937 issue of Stitchcraft. I’m dying to knit one of the cover sweaters. Thank you

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