Free Vintage Knitting Pattern – Thirties Men’s Sweater


How great is his moustache? I have a lot of menswear patterns to scan, but this is the only pre-70s one with a tache. The size of the pages are pretty large, so I’m confident this is from the pre-WW2 days when paper was scarce and patterns shrank.

At the bottom of the middle two pages is a great diagram for how to do a stretchy thumb cast on. It’s worth scrolling down to the last page which advertises other patterns which were available. It breaks my heart that I don’t own all of them.



  1. This is wonderful – I’ve just scanned an amazing Bestway knitting book from 1938, which contained an advertisement for Femina wool. I’ve never heard of it before, so it’s fascinating to see one of their own patterns.

    The moustache is a thing of beauty. I have a couple of pattern books from the 1940s featuring some splendid ‘taches – perhaps I should add those to the top of my scanning pile!

  2. Have you or can you post the man’s WWII knit pattern that looks like a helmet liner on the Bestway Knitting #74 cover? It looks like that item would be very wind-proof and warm! Thanks for all you do and have done! Richard in the States.

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