Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Off-set Rib Short Sleeved Thirties Jumper

This “shirt jumper” is from earlier in the 1930’s and was bound into a book at the British Museum. Unfortunately this gives a bit of a wobble to the page when scanning. Did you know that the scanners I use at the British Library upsidedown compared to a photo-copier? You lay the book on the scanner bed looking up at you, rather than face down and in this case it wouldn’t lie flat.

Free Vintage Knitting PatternI think this offset sort of rib pattern is a winner and I’m a big fan of collars like this. I would add it to my to knit list, but it is already overflowing with plans (I’m in the middle of three seperate knitting projects and two sewing ones just now). The Bust is 34-36 inches and the yarn was blue (and it’s far too hot today to add any quips, I’m just melting!.

Here are the PDFs – Shirt Jumper Knitting Pattern Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Free vintage knitting patter thirtiesFree vintage knitting patter thirties


  1. Thank you so much for this bounty of 30s patterns you’ve been sharing lately. Some seriously amazing things. Now which one to knit first . . .

    • Thank you! I think I would change the pocket and collar on this one to single rib like the placket. Actually, I might omit the pocket altogether to show off that lovely staggered rib pattern.

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