Men’s Socks – Patons & Baldwin 137 Free Sock Knitting Pattern

men's socks free knitting pattern

I think this might be from the 1950’s, judging from the picture on the back of the other patterns you could buy. I’ve noticed 1940’s male models for knitting patterns always look at the camera. I imagine they were amateurs, as all the young hunks had to join the army. The young hunk on the back page has the far off stare of a professional knitwear model. On the other hand he’s standing in front of an airplane, so perhaps it’s a war time pattern.

Link to PDF

Yarn: 3 ply and 4 ply sock yarn

Sizes: Men’s foot size

I have used version A from this pattern to make a lovely pair of socks for Christmas from WYS limited edition fairy lights 4 ply yarn. I used some new to me Addi Crasy Trio needles, which are short like normal double pointed needles, but have a flexible bend in the middle.

men's socks free knitting pattern 1
men's socks free knitting pattern 2
men's socks free knitting pattern 3
men's socks free knitting pattern 4
men's socks free knitting pattern 5


    • If you right click on the images one by one you should see the option to save (and maybe print? Maybe not). Once they are saved to your computer you should be able to double click to open them and print from whatever program your computer has.

  1. This is wierd… all that I can see with this pattern is 3 large bright green coloured boxes.. nothing is showing in it, just totally green, one after the other? Pattern is for Men’s Sock Patons & Baldwin 137.

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