Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Bestway Knitting 1946 A Fair Isle to Use Up Your Small Scraps of Yarn

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern Fair Isle 1946I haven’t featured any fair isle for a while, though I have a stack of patterns in my stash at home that I really ought to scan. Here is a pattern from Bestway Knitting. This magazine ceased publication during the years 1941 to 1945. Here is a pattern from 1946. The pages of WW2 patterns are usually quite small, and though this is post-war, there were still restrictions and shortages around. Here we are instructed to use up all our left over little bits of yarn.

I’ve previously dubbed a reappearing model Jumper Jill, who was all over Woman’s Weekly, Good Needlework and Stitchcraft in the 1930s. This lady below is her wartime counter part, Sweater Susan (sweater being an Americanism for jumper and quite a lot of American’s came over to Britian during the war). Actually, she is an actress called Peggy Chester.

3 ply and for a 32 to 34 inch bust.

1946 fairisle Bestway Knitting free knitting pattern ladies Scan6


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