1940’s Bolero – Weldons No.221 – Free Vintage Knitting Pattern


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This is a nice little 40’s bolero pattern I found in a charity shop. Charity shop knitting pattern shopping is not easy. I might visit 6 or 7 before I find a single pattern and then you must always ask as for some reason they’ll be kept in a folder in a back room. Mostly they have 80’s patterns, but eventually a gem like this will be found. I spend my holidays scouring village charity shops, as inner city London has no knitting patterns at all in charity shops (these are also called Op Shops or Goodwill is you are abroad).

Decade: I think this is either 1939 or 1940, as it has the font, price and style of a 1940’s pattern, but it is printed on bigger paper. Later in WW2 the size of patterns was reduced because of paper shortages. (It measures 23cm x 18cm)

Size: 36″ bust as worn open, but has a finished measurement of 34″.

Yarn: 3 ply



  1. Lovely, thanks a mill 🙂 I’ve been thinking about trying to do embroidery on knits, so this came at the opportune moment!

  2. I find it interesting that the older patterns were issued in such limited sizes — typically 34 or 36. From many of the old photographs I’ve seen, women seemed to have been thinner then, than now. Great finds. Thanks for sharing. I don’t knit but the transfer will make a marvelous applique pattern as well.

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