Free Vintage Knitting Pattern – Vintage-esque – 1970s does 1930s Ladies Lace Yoke Jumper

As well as buying properly old knitting patterns, I’ve got quite a lot of seventies ones. These fall into three camps: those that amuse me, those I’d wear because I like the decade (and don’t care what anyone says about it) and those I’ve bought because they look like older styles, but in more modern size ranges and yarns. I’m going to scan and share some of the later catagory here, starting with this one, which is actually from 1980. I did start writing a very serious blog post about nostalgic styles from the twenties, thirties and forties appearing in 70s fashions, but never finished it, though I did make an impressive Pinterest board and stick lots of post-it notes in magazines. I didn’t even get to considering the knitwear angle or the early 80s.

This is knitted in DK and is in bust sizes from 32 to 40 inches – horray for bigger busted knitting patterns! To make this more 1930s I’d shorten the body to begin by the natural waist, or wear it with a belt.

Jaeger 4811 ladies jumper free knitting patternJaeger 4811 ladies jumper free knitting pattern 1Jaeger 4811 ladies jumper free knitting pattern 2

Jaeger 4811 ladies jumper free knitting pattern 3


  1. Oh, well if you ever get around to finishing that blog post, I’ll be excited to read it! I do find the cycles of what is fashionable through different decades to be fascinating, especially ’60s and ’70s doing earlier decades like the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I made so many of these back in the day, but unfortunately lost the pattern ( a loan never returned I suspect) so what a joy to find it here. It is just what I need for my current knitting project. The old patterns are always the best 😉

  3. I have just finished this for myself and it looks lovely. Knitted in a similar shade to the pattern photo.

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