Twenties Fashions from Leach’s Home Dressmaker 1925

This is rather a budget publication, being only 3 pence (3d), compared to Paris Mode which was 9 pence (9d) and Leach’s Six Penny Knitting Series (6d). Free patterns featured in every issue and then after a brief text about what was in fashion, the rest of the magazine acts as a catalogue for Leach’s sewing patterns, which were 9d including postage. Each issue has a different topic, for example Schoolgirl’s Outfits, Styles For the Matron, Toddlers’ wear etc. (In case anyone is wildly interested, I took down a list of each issues specialism from the set of 1925 I was looking at – see bottom of post).

Issue 91 – Jumper & Jumper Skirts – 3 free patterns. Inside patterns available in 34-40″ bust sizes

1925 Leach's Home Dressmaker

Issue 91

Leach's Home Dressmaker 1925

1925 Leach's Home Dressmaker

1925 Leach's Home Dressmaker

Issue 94 Ladies’ Underwear – 3 free pattern inside in 36″ bust. Patterns to send away for available in 34-40″ bust mostly, though some also in 42″.

1925 Leach's Home Dressmaker

95 Styles for the Matron – the free pattern was in 38″ bust, but you could send away for sizes from 36″ up to 44″

issue 95 1925

96 Jumper Skirts & Jumpers

Issue 96 Leach's Home Dressmaker 1925

Issue 96 Leach's Home Dressmaker 1925



87 Schoolgirl’s Outfits

88 Ladies Underwear

89 Coats for Little Girls & Boys

90 Little Folk’s War (2-3 years)

91 Jumper & Jumper Skirts

92 Girl’s Frocks

93 Boy’s Wear

94 Ladies Underwear

95 Styles For the Matron

96 Jumper Skirts and Jumpers

97 Girls’ Coats & Costumes

98 Toddlers’ Wear






  1. Oh my, these are exactly the styles of the 1920s that I love! Forget the glitzy evening dresses, I want all of those gorgeous tops and skirts. I actually cannot pick a favourite as I adore them all! xx

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